String bag with leather handles

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String bag with leather handles

This dreamy boho string bag is practical and lightweight. Retro style string tote made from natural knotted jute with leather handles.

Perfect for market days or the beach, our String Bag is a sustainable and eco-friendly & stylish accessory (Or everyday reuseable shopping bag!)

Hand made & Fair Trade in Bangladesh by The Dharma Door. Designed in Australia by The Dharma Door.

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 The Dharma Door - 

"We are changing the lives of our artisans...Being paid fairly is undoubtedly life-changing for our Fair Trade artisans. However a host of other wonderful benefits also arise through their work: the pride of making something beautiful with their own hands; the camaraderie of learning new skills alongside other women; earning respect from their families and community; and the opportunity to educate themselves and their children."


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