Mayfair necklace

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31 Bits - '31 Bits is a business using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty. We believe that business is one of the most powerful and sustainable approaches to turning scarcity into abundance, and eventually, alleviating poverty
Mayfair 4

Eye-catching design. 100% cotton meets five strands of tiny beads in Brown, Orange, Mint, White, and Yellow to create a fun and comfortable look.
Mayfair necklace, handmade with 100% recycled paper beads.


Designed and made by 31 Bits, a collaboration of their U.S. and internally displaced women in Northern Uganda. 31 Bits purchases jewellery from each of their designers, providing consistent and fair income. They also run socially responsible programs to sustainably improve economic circumstances. 

"31 Bits Designs... empowers vulnerable individuals to rise above poverty by maximising creative abilities and generating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods."

All pieces are hand crafted and finished, and therefore no two pieces are identical, and may differ slightly to the product photo. Slight imperfections are part of the character of handmade products, and are not considered faults. 

Handmade in Uganda, from 100% recycled paper beads and other local materials. Fair Trade and Socially responsible.


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