Kraft Cardboard Box Toy Oven for Imaginative Play and Budding Chefs

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Flatout Frankie - designers of flat-packed cardboard toys, that are creative, easy on the environment and smart on space.
Cooking for kids

Do you know a mini-Heston or Jamie Oliver, dreaming up gastonomical creations? Our Little Cook Oven is ready to cook up a feast of imaginative play. 

Flat packed, 100% recyclable natural kraft cardboard oven, designed by Flatout Frankie.

This box toy is of sturdy construction, with a shelf inside, holes to poke tea towels into and a hook for oven mitts. Just add some pots and pans from your kitchen, and this little oven is ready for baking. Flatout Frankie's signature white graphics allow for kid's own colourful personalisation and decoration of this unique toy. Pop it up to play, then flat-pack it away!

Toy dimensions when fully assembled 35 x 42 x 30cm

Designed in New Zealand. 100% Recyclable.