Ipad Tech Sleeve

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Ipad Tech Sleeve

Colourful and functional, this net sleeve is a great way to carry & protect your ipad, tablet or reader. Made from a double layer of repurposed netting, padded for extra protection and lined with black cotton fabric. Zip it closed, and you are ready for travel or work commute.

Smateria manufactures bags and accessories from mosquito & fishing net in Cambodia. This upcycled net is used to make a variety of bags and accessories.

'You can find it in the debris of a building yard or amidst the bait on a boat, for protecting against mosquitoes or for fishing. It is NET, close-knit, strong, light, durable. A poor material that we buy in local markets and revitalise. The raw material for all our bags, with Italian design and sewn by the skillful fingers of expert Cambodian tailors."

Designed in Italy, Made in Cambodia from repurposed & upcycled materials. Socially responsible and fair working conditions.

Size approx: L26 x 21cm

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Smateria - "We have a clear mission to employ Cambodian workers in a fair and sustainable way, where employees are treated well and priority is given to the employment of women and mothers... We want to create products that challenge conventional sustainability and employment practices."


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