Handmade Silver Rectangle Drop Earrings - 'A Little Piece'

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Kylie Gartside'I am passionate about creating and making, while leaving as small a footprint on our planet as possible. I source most of my materials locally and all of the sterling silver in my work is recycled metal sourced in Australia. I find
Kylie Gartside rectangular drop earrings

"A Little Piece" rectangle sterling silver drop earrings, with oxidised Jacaranda print.  

Made by contemporary jeweller - Kylie Gartside.

'Each piece uses a different part of  the larger image of a jacaranda tree outside the studio.  I etch a sterling silver sheet with a different part of the image on each side,  then cut the sheet and fabricate each piece.  No two are identical... pairs don't match - just the way I like them!  Then I oxidise the pieces and rub them back and polish them lightly.'

A little piece
A little piece of the outside when you are inside
A little piece of the hand-made amongst the technology
A little piece of home when you are away
A little peace

All pieces are hand crafted and finished, and therefore no two pieces are identical, and may differ slightly to the product photo. As with all artisan products, slight imperfections are part of the character of handmade products, and are not considered faults. 

Australian produced recycled sterling silver. Handmade in Brisbane, Australia.  

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