Five Senses - a 'Green Start' Book

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Green Start™ - Published by Innovativekids®
Five Senses - a 'Green Start' Book

This book introduces children to the five senses through nature's pristine sensory experiences. Whether the gentle morning breeze or an evening's sunset, we feel, taste, hear, smell, and see nature's beauty every day. 

Give children a green start, as they learn and grow. Green Start Storybook: Five Senses

'The Green Start™, designed to help give kids an awareness of the natural world, also gives them an understanding of how we are interconnected with everything around us. Give kids a green start. It will be that much easier for them to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their everyday lives as they grow.'

Suitable for Ages 3 - 6. Books use 98% post-consumer recycled materials and are printed with eco-friendly ink. 

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