Nature Escape: Crystal Clear Waters of Geogrape Bay

Nature Escape: Crystal Clear Waters of Geogrape Bay

Posted by Elena on 26th Jun 2019

On a recent trip to Geographe Bay in the south-west of Western Australia, I was awe struck with the eye watering beauty of our beaches & oceans.

I was met with clear, crystal blue waters; an insta-worthy vision -straight out of a travel journal. Heavenly!

Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay curves from Bunbury to Cape Naturaliste, as far as the eye can see, and is set against the Margaret River Wine Region. The Bay’s sheltered waters and vast seagrass meadows are home to many wonderful sea-life species including very curious eagle rays who observed us splashing on the shore.

White Jetty Geographe Bay

Jetty and white sand beach

ladder into aqua blue water

The warm and tranquil shallows scatter the sunlight, causing a mesmerising holographic look to the water surface. The white sand beaches & turquoise water contrasts with blazing red rock outcrops that meet the sea.

Sea Spurge on the rocks

Rocks meet the bay

How lucky we are to experience beaches so clean and beautiful as this. 

Sea Rocket in the dunes Geographe Bay

But after the celebrations of World Ocean Day, I am reminded how much damage we humans have created. There is the hidden devastation of micro plastics & rubbish dumping in our oceans, not always easily seen from the surface. Even if our own local beaches seem unaffected, we know there is still so much to be done to improve the health of our oceans. Geographe Bay is a tiny part of the Indian Ocean, the second most polluted ocean in the world behind the North Pacific!

We are all reliant on our oceans; Oceans are the origin of drinking water, provide a food source for many humans and animal life, and generate oxygen – in fact between 50 - 85% of the oxygen in our atmosphere is produced by marine plants. The health of our oceans impacts everyone. If we band together, and all make small changes to our behaviour, we can make a difference to our help our oceans & marine life. Here are 5 ideas you can implement to help keep our oceans crystal clear;

5 Ways to Help Keep Our Oceans Clean

It’s little things like these that go a long way towards honouring and conserving our oceans.

And if you want to know more about gorgeous Geographe Bay, and the famous Margaret River Wine Region – visit here.

Elena xx


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